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Sunshine Handcrafted Soap

  • Made in:Taiwan, ROC
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  • Form:Others

Key Features


Sunshine Handcrafted Soap


Country of Origin:






Ingredients (Certified Organic Material):

Cocos Nucifera Oil 

Olea Europaea Oil

Rosa Canina Oil

Steam Distilled Boswellia carterii Oil)

Triticum Aestivum

Distilled Water

Food Grade Sodium Hydroxide

Certified Organic Material


The Function of Cocos Nucifera Oil

Coconut oil has a strong function in cleaning , it's effective to clean the dirt of skin.Besides, Cocos Nucifera Oil will not do harm for skin.It can be used for cleansing and cleaning.And it can protect the skin from UV damage.


The Function of Olea Europaea Oil

Olea Europaea Oil contains polyphenols and lipopolysaccharide composition.It can protect radiation function.Besides,Olea Europaea Oil can reduce wrinkles and skin will be more smooth.


First,washing your face with warm water.Second,Friction soap by hand or foaming net until produce a rich foam.Next,apply the foam to the face,fiction T-zone areas or where has too much grease in the way of circling.Finally,washing and drying with towl.


Ministry of Health and Welfare License No.:10431547200

Main Export Market

ASIA ,Australia ,Canada ,France ,New Zealand ,United Kingdom ,United States