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Moisture Face Lotion

  • Model No.:PN-005
  • Made in:Taiwan, ROC
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Key Features


Moisture Face Lotion


Country of Origin






Ingredients (Certified Organic Material)

 Aloe Barbadensis Leaf juice

Expeller pressed Butyrospermum Parkii




The function of aloe vera

Aloe vera is edible, medicinal, beauty, ornamental plants. The secrete the content (the main effective component is green quinones material such as aloin) has been widely used in medicine and cosmetic. Aloe vera in the Chinese folk were as beauty, hair care and natural medicine for the treatment of skin diseases. Aloe vera gel to mosquito ding has certain relieving itching.


Wheel pressure was jack function

Of wheel pressure oil containing wood fruit fat can saponification of fat and fatty acid, cinnamic acid, plant sterols (Phytosterols) and vitamin E, has good repair and maintenance, anti-inflammatory, and skin healing function and effect.


The function of glycerol

Glycerin, have extremely strong hygroscopicity. Protect skin with glycerol in winter, can make skin moist and soft. And glycerol rub on the skin, also can form a layer of glycerine film, isolate air intrusion, make the moisture in the skin is not easy to evaporate, and can absorb moisture in the air to moisturize the skin, effectively prevent skin weather-shack.


The function of beeswax

Beeswax has high nutrition and convergence, is the natural refreshing skin beauty, is a great material to make the mask. Wax to prevent tissue under the skin sclerosis, keep the skin smooth, reduce wrinkles. Beeswax can cure skin laceration, hair loss, frostbite, burns, burns, etc., on the skin has the effect of analgesic raw muscle.


Organic :Use as daily moisturizer to help soothe skin ,no pores clogged.



Apply on skin where needed.


Main Export Market

ASIA ,Canada ,France ,Germany ,Hong Kong ,India ,Indonesia ,Macau ,Mainland China ,Malaysia ,Mexico ,Singapore ,Taiwan, ROC ,Thailand ,United Kingdom ,Viet Nam