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Firming Eye Contour Oil

  • Model No.:PL-006
  • Made in:Taiwan, ROC
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  • Feature:Moisturizer
  • Use:Day

Key Features


Firming Eye Contour Oil


Country of Origin:






Ingredients (Certified Organic Material):

Cold Pressed Prunus Dulcis Oil

Cold Pressed Oenothera Biennis Oil

Cold Pressed Rosa Canina Oil


Cold Pressed Prunus Dulcis Oil

Cold Pressed Prunus Dulcis Oil is commonly used as a skin conditioning agent to lubricate and soften the skin or as a lubricant in hair products to promote shine and manageability.

Cold Pressed Oenothera Biennis Oil

Oenothera Biennis  contains a high concentration of a fatty acid called GLA and it is this fatty acid that is largely responsible for the remarkable healing properties of the plant.

Cold Pressed Rosa C


anina Oil

Pure Rosehip oil contains natural tretinoin, a derivative of Vitamin A, and is proven to delay the effects of skin aging. It helps in cell regeneration and boosts levels of collagen and elastin to create smoother, firmer skin.




Organic ; Help restore &maintain moisture balance around the eyes, strengthen sensitive skin & prevent premature aging.


Main Export Market

ASIA ,Canada ,France ,Germany ,Netherlands ,United States

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