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Anti Acne Handcrafted Soap

  • Made in:Taiwan, ROC
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Bye-Bye annoying acne

Key Features


Anti-Acne Handcrafted Soap





Country of Origin:




Ingredients function (Certified Organic Material)


Cocos Nucifera Oil  can be used for unloading makeup, clean, and external treatment can protect the skin from ultraviolet light.


Borago Officinalis Oil  has immune adjustment, diminish inflammation and skin care and anti-aging effect.


Steam Distilled Lavandula Angustifolia Oil  work to adjust the balance of body and mind can stable mood strength and relieve pressure. For the mood of depressed mood and anxiety are also effective.


Distilled Water


Food Grade Sodium Hydroxide


Organic :Good for Acne. Unclogged skin pores & cleanse excess oil & grimy stuff, after cleansing apply Dr. J Lo Moisture Face Lotion even better. 




Clean the skin of dirt and soothe the skin .

Keep your skin clean and refreshing to prevent the generation of acne.

Certainly not to hurt the skin.




First, washing your face with warm water.

Second, Friction soap by hand or foaming net until produce a rich foam.

Next, apply the foam to the face, fiction to T-zone areas or where has too much grease in the way of circling.

Finally, washing and drying with towel.



Ministry of Health and Welfare License No.:10431547200



Main Export Market