Anti-Wrinkle Handcrafted SoapAnti-Dandruff Handcrafted SoapAnti-Dermatitis Handcrafted SoapAnti -Acne Handcrafted Soap
Anti-Wrinkle Handcrafted Soap
Anti-Dandruff Handcrafted Soap
Anti-Dermatitis Handcrafted Soap
Anti -Acne Handcrafted Soap

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Bionic Ltd. Company has consistently uphold the philosophy of healthy, natural and organic. Due to the commercial products are full of allergens and cancer causing chemical compositions, we SPECIALLY develop a range of pure Organic Products branded Dr. J Lo for the patients and the needed consumers (such as atopic dermatitis, sensitivity skin, psoriasis etc.).

Dr. J Lo’s products are invented by Dr. Janet, the Asia best holistic doctor. Dr. Janet not only acquires strong medical background , but she is also a qualified Esthetician as well as holding certified USA Advanced Soap Maker qualification and Taiwan Qualified Soap Making Instructor.
All our ingredients are 100% chemical free, petrochemical free, no genetic modification materials, totally environmental user friendly, suitable for vegetarians.

Dr. J Lo has a wide range of products, from baby to elderly, young to mature female, exclusively men’s range and pregnant women. Focusing the real need of customers, therefore we welcome Customizing Orders.

Anti -Acne Handcrafted Soap

his is a Holistic Medical Specialist invented New Revolution Product --- "Anti -Acne Handcrafted Soap ". This Soap not only inhibits Propionibacterium acnes. in acne but can also assist to end  Propionibacterium acnes. that caused "Brain Abscesses Formation during Neurosurgery", "Prosthetic Valve E

Anti-Dandruff Handcrafted Soap

Organic ; Shinier hair, help anti-dandruff, stimulate hair growth by removing dead skin cells from hair follicles, keep scalp healthy .Good for oily hair.

Anti-Wrinkle Handcrafted Soap

  Item: Anti-Wrinkle Handcrafted Soap   Country of Origin: Taiwan   Capacity: 80±g   Ingredients (Certified Organic Material): Expeller Pressed Ricinus Communis Oil Borago Officinalis Oil Steam Distilled Daucus Carota Oil Distilled Water Food Grade Sodium Hydroxide     The Functi

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